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Some commonly used ratios can provide guidance on debt affordability . Bond ratings are an evaluation of the insurer's credit quality rated by: . Pays for capital projects and acquisitions from sources other than debt such as current taxes and .

Bonds and Debt Management
This area provides general information on state debt and borrowing . have been assigned by the three major bond rating agencies for the state of Ohio . Appendix A provides historical and current fiscal, economic, demographic and other .

NCSU Strategic Debt Management
Debt financing, especially tax-exempt debt, provides a low-cost source of . Prior to a bond issue, the Board designates the capital improvements . or other events may from time to time affect the creditworthiness of its debt. . Management will provide the rating agencies with full and timely access to required information.

The Credit Rating Controversy - Council on Foreign Relations
Jan 19, 2012 . Credit rating agencies are meant to provide global investors with an informed . in bonds and other securities to pay for their ratings instead.

Taxable Bonds | Government-Sponsored Enterprise Debt Securities
S&P Downgrade of United States' Long-Term Credit Rating . In order to support public policies, GSEs purchase new mortgages and other . consequently, has compromised their ability to provide stability and liquidity to the mortgage market.

Find Individual Bond, Etc, Information - Bonds and Other Debt ...
Jan 23, 2012 . This provides a wide range of financial data, including for bonds. This is . basic information and Moody's ratings of over 32000 issues of debts .

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Municipal Bonds - Fidelity
Bonds. Municipal bonds are debt obligations issued by states, cities, counties, . provide for the insurer to pay principal and interest payment to bondholders in the . other instruments are sometimes used), in which case the escrowed bonds are . Has its credit rating been maintained or strengthened over a period of time?

Investing in Bonds Europe: Bond Markets Defined
The aim of the guide is to provide investors and other interested parties with an . Covered bonds typically have the highest credit ratings, with most, but not all .

Bond Insurance as a Form of Credit Enhancement in California's ...
Reports such as this one, in combination with other information and . Credit enhancement provides, for a fee, improved credit ratings on bonds and, thereby, .

Credit Rating Definition & Example | InvestingAnswers
We explain the definition of Credit Rating, provide a clear example of how it . is a "grade" assigned to a bond, bond issuer, insurance company, or other entity or .

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Institutional Debt - General Administration & Operation Policies ...
This Debt Policy provides a framework by which decisions are made . By maintaining a high credit rating, the University will be able to continue to issue debt and . All documents relating to notes, bonds, and other debt instruments are .

Glossary of Income Investing Terms -
Other sources providing beta numbers may use other comparisons for their beta . A bond represents debt, therefore its holder is a creditor of the corporation and . Credit ratings for a specific security issuer and their securities represent the .

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Australia Government Bonds providing high yield on short maturities ...
Mar 30, 2010 . Providing Global High Institutional Yields for our Investors ! . Many other international debt issues have preformed far better than both the . Australia Government bonds receive superb ratings (Aa3/ AAA).

S&P | Ratings Credit Ratings Definitions & FAQs | Americas
Credit ratings are forward-looking opinions about credit risk. . credit quality of an individual debt issue, such as a corporate note, a municipal bond or a . 'C' Currently highly vulnerable obligations and other defined circumstances. . By providing more information and data about ratings, we can help market participants .

Standard & Poor's Downgrade of U.S. Government Long-Term Debt
Aug 5, 2011 . other debt instruments, no immediate substitute is available in many cases. . This report provides basic background information on Standard & Poor's . that issue ratings for thousands of bonds and other debt instruments.

Debt Summary
Apr 20, 2012 . Overview; Debt Affordability; Ratings; Direct Debt; Overlapping Debt; Other . Direct debt is the total bonded debt of the County, and constitutes the . Overlapping debt includes all borrowings of other County agencies, . The guidelines provide for the total amount of general obligation debt issued by the .

Introduction High-yield bonds are debt securities issued by ...
The non-investment grade ratings lower than BBB- by Standard & Poor's, Baa2 by Moody's . proceeds often paying off older bonds, bank loans and other debt. . looser than on bank loans, providing the issuer more operating flexibility and .

Debt Investors | About Santander
It does not rely on a guarantee from Santander or any other member of the Santander . of asset securitisation and covered bond arrangements to provide alternative funding sources. . Head of Debt Investor Relations and Rating Agencies .

Introduction: The following provides a summary of the State's Debt . accurate, and timely disclosure of financial information and other developments relating . For each State-supported bond sale, credit ratings will generally be obtained from .

What Happens If the US Is Downgraded? - CNBC
Jul 27, 2011 . A downgrade from our triple-A credit rating might still be in the offing. . And too many other European sovereign bonds seem riskier than U.S. Treasurys. . able to require those on the other side of their transaction to provide .

Definitions of Moody's Debt Ratings |
The current system of Moody's ratings includes distinct bond and debt . bond. There are other credit-rating agencies that may use alternate criteria to make ratings . Bond ratings provide investors with a guide to the safety and yield of debt .

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    The General Obligation Debt Service Fund provides for the payment of principal and interest . Criteria (FMPC) addresses debt management and other requirements . The bonds are rated AA+/Aa3 based on the bond insurance policy that .

  2. Debt & Rating - Siemens Global Website
    Debt & Rating. Debt Bonds are the traditional way to obtain long-term financing . It seeks to predict the credit performance of bonds, other financial instruments, .

  3. Howard County, Maryland
    and managing outstanding debt and provides guidance to decision makers . to determine debt capacity and compares these ratios to other counties, rating . Bonds or other indebtedness of the County payable from taxes levied from .

  4. Glossary - American Century
    There can be no assurance that the U.S. government will provide financial support to a . Barclays Capital U.S. 1-3 Year Government/Credit Bond Index . to the very high credit ratings of MBS and other debt issued by Fannie and Freddie.

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  5. Bond Investors are Investors Too - Corporate Eye : Corporate Eye
    Jun 9, 2009 . Often, this research is a quest for information that others don't realize yet, . company has bonds outstanding, let alone provide ratings or research. . Consider incorporating debt ratings and bond information on your investor .

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    Q&A: How do credit ratings work? - Telegraph
    Mar 15, 2012 . But what are credit rating agencies and how do ratings work? . They also provide financial data and information on bonds, equities and . 'AA' National Ratings denote expectations of very low default risk relative to other .

    Moody's Investors Service - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Moody's Investors Service provides international financial research on bonds . Together, they are sometimes referred to as the Big Three credit rating agencies. . percentage of the market, it is still much larger than other rating agencies.'s_Investors_Service

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2111 Debt Policy - University Policies, George Mason University
This policy applies to all George Mason University debt financing activities. II. . resources to maintain the proper leverage, a strong financial profile and credit rating. . General Revenue Pledge: Bonds or other obligations secured by the general . primarily for variable rate bonds, to provide additional funds for unexpected .

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Safety: Bond Center - Yahoo! Finance
Corporate and Municipal bonds are debt obligations of specific corporations or . Luckily there are rating services that provide in-depth analysis of the issuer's . " NR" rating if the other rating agency has given the bond a rating within the range .

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Glossary of Finance and Economic Terms, A-F - Freddie Mac
Credit rating indicating a relatively low level of default risk that is awarded by Moody's . other companies provide ratings expressed in slightly different terms. . The lowest rating, C, is assigned to a bond with a high probability of defaulting.

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Part XVIII Fiscal Policy for Capital Expenditures and Debt Financing ...
Capital expenditures should be programmed to provide a targeted level of . Maintain and improve the County's bond rating and market acceptance in order to . To structure bond issues and other debt instruments to match the useful .

Debt Issuance Policies - Texas Bond Review Board
The State of Texas seeks to maintain the highest possible credit ratings for all . or other events may, from time to time, affect the creditworthiness of its debt. . as restructuring to eliminate restrictive bond convenants or to provide additional .